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 Welcome to where workers come to talk. With all that is happening in our world both near and far, it's important that we find ways to communicate with one another. We have to reach out beyond our individual workplaces and see what other people are thinking about the issues  and concerns that affect us all. By talking with one another sharing our thoughts, info and ideas maybe we can improve upon our individual and collective situations. We hope to get as many workers as possible talking with one another and improving their environments. In a nutshell that's what this site is all about.

Our website will be updated regularly. We'll be making a real effort to present you with an entire spectrum of worker experiences and ideas to use in the workplace. The emphasis of our site is on worker discussion and debate in a respectful manner. Many of the topics will be of interest to you and most likely concern you or someone you know. Come back regularly to the website as we continue construction and give you more experiences here. Please feel free to join the forums and see what people are talking about. Play with the buttons in the forums as you do have a lot of features to enhance your experience in them.

In order to move forward please treat each other with  respect. We are not affiliated with any company/s nor any union/s we are a workers site run by workers who care about the issues. Please share this site with your coworkers and friends and enjoy the discussions. Communication is crucial as we move forward together in some very challenging times for many.


In Solidarity

Jim Lee